Learn from the Students!

Moderator Question: How does your membership decide what programs or partnerships to create?

Answer GA State: They have a career development team that assesses the needs of both employers and students. They use this as a way coordinate their efforts based on past year’s needs. Additionally they review email suggestions and correspondence from employers and students.

Answer UGA: Asks the membership for feedback about what programs they liked and they target their programs based on their responses.

Moderator Question: Any best practices or stories about encouraging student groups to partner with career services?

Michelle Carter - UGA: We have open “walk in” office hours as well as go to specific colleges and have “satellite hours” in a major student hangout where students know they can show up to talk to someone. The Friday before a career fair they host “walk in” hours all day.

Moderator Question: Any other questions or comments? Questions about Recruiting Strategies?

Melissa Hudson – Augusta State: They not only do satellite hours but also accept resumes by email and critique them within 24 hours and then use it as an opportunity to schedule a meeting in person.

Answer GA State: Part of career educator interns’ job is to do resume critiques as well as having a resume drop off within 24 hours. However, they prefer to sit down and review the resumes with the students so they can provide the student with the skills in the future to update their resume.

Answer UGA: I agree that email resume critiques are a good thing and appeal to students; however, doing it in person the student can see how much time it takes and would appreciate the assistance more.

Jill Turner - Newell-Rubbermaid: Courtney and Kim both said they enjoyed information sessions. Rubbermaid will hold sessions but they have lackluster turnout. They did create an invitation system this year at the career fair and got a bit of an increase. Do you have any suggestions to increase turnout?

Answer GA Tech: Maybe just changing up your strategy and trying new things as well as bring a lot of representatives from your company. Suggestions could be to host the students at a nearby restaurant or hold a “Coffee Break” in one of the student courtyards.

Answer UGA: incentives – sad but true – food works! Coffee, Pizza.

Answer GA State: Marketing advice: Make sure to add the announcement to the student newspaper.

Ramona Simien GA State: Target emails to certain groups as well as highlighting the kind of positions that are available. Keep in mind that the time for an information session although convenient for the recruiter might not be convenient for the students.

Ralph Mobley - GA Tech: How do you feel about bringing a company executive to campus and not just alumni?

Answer Emory: I think it is absolutely something which can make an information meeting more exciting to students. But at the same time have some fresh out of college representatives available to give a more day to day idea of what to expect when working at a company.

Answer UGA: Agrees that a balance of executives and entry level employees is ideal. Executives will be able to provide information on their career path. As long as they are enthusiastic about the company and a great speaker things should be fine.

Kristin Perry - FL State: What is the most convenient way to get feedback and evaluate services from students about the success of an employer’s event? Electronic Survey? Paper Survey?

Answer UGA: Do follow up immediately at the end of an event.

Answer GA Tech: Don’t send an email survey or survey link. More than likely it will be deleted (low response rate).