Learn from the Students!

Moderator Question: How do you prefer employers and career center staff to contact you? Email? Phone? Podcast?

Answer UGA: We have monthly meetings so sending an email mentioning the meeting in the subject line is enough to get our attention

Answer Emory: Don’t need to use podcast. Not all the students know how to use it and it is not good for simple announcements. You might lose folks.

Answer GA State: Leaving a voice mail is fine also.

Laura Yelverton - Southern Miss: How about Facebook as a way to contact and/ or engage students?

Answer Emory: Students prefer to be left alone on facebook and want it left as something between them and their friends.

Answer UGA: Not everyone uses facebook so it is not a reliable way to contact everyone. Graduate students and non traditional students might be missed.

Moderator Question: How can collaborating with a student group add to your company’s credibility with students on campus.

Answer GA State: When employers are on campus frequently it adds credibility through familiarity. This is true especially with smaller companies wanting to improve their brand recognition. It provides the students with multiple forums to ask questions.

Answer Emory: Students want to be in an environment where they are working with great, smart people. Having a big name is not necessary if the company seems to encourage its employees to achieve greatness and has a good corporate attitude.

Answer GA Tech: The more people you get to know with a company the better it is. Seeing the same person every time is not as good as seeing many different people from one company. It makes you feel as if you know more people at what is potentially the company you are going to work for. The more people you know at a company the more comfortable you will be at the company.

Moderator Question: Can you talk a little more about the “Resume Blitz”. I know a lot of people are not familiar with that term.

Answer GA Tech: Cindy Jordin does a resume blitz every year before the career fair where employers are invited to help a bunch of students with their resumes in preparation for the career fair. It is another way for employers to reach out to students and get involved with them on a personal basis while also giving students a fresh perspective on their resumes. The resume blitz provides the employers one more way to provide brand recognition.

Moderator Question: How long is each appointment?

Cynthia Jordin - GA Tech: It is done on a first come first serve basis and usually lasts 5, 10 or 15 minutes at the most per person. They also do a mock interview week where they have 30 min interviews with 15 minute feedback sessions.

Tony Kyles - Maxim Health Care: With a lot of companies (300+) at a school like Tech it is tough for companies in the health care field to get consideration from students. There is a stigma amongst certain companies that just because they are in Healthcare they have only nursing positions. So the more one on one interaction that they can get with students the more students realize that maybe there is a future in a company that they would never have thought to consider.

Answer Emory: Emory has a similar position from the other end. Because it is known for its medical school many employers don’t think to go to recruit for business majors at Emory. At Emory a company needs to broaden beyond “marketing” majors only for marketing positions.

Moderator: For less well known companies even if they have a good showing at a career fair they might not be able to compete with other companies that have more name recognition. It is especially important to get involved on campus in as many ways as possible (such as info sessions and cosponsoring events) in order to get your name out there so the students haven’t just heard of you for the first time when they see you at a career fair. And be consistent. Continue to come year after year will help your company grow its brand recognition on campus.

Moderator Question: As a student what do you feel career centers can do to encourage you to become an advocate of the career center and its services?

Answer Emory: The career center needs to get in front of groups early and often so that groups can become familiar with the people who work in career services and the services they offer such as “How can a student perfect their resume” or “How can a student get into a specific field or industry.”

Answer GA Tech: Offering a wide variety of services such as mock interviews, resume blitz and resume review to students can help get them excited. If a student finds something particularly useful they will go back to their friends and tell them about how great of an experience they had with career services.

Moderator Question: With limited resources, staff, and time to do our everyday job, it is hard for us to do outreach. Is there some small thing we can do to start a relationship with student groups to help build over time?

Answer GA State: State has panther career net that acts as a career center network to keep students involved. Students are able to review all upcoming events through their registration.

Answer UGA: DEI does an annual resume workshop at the same time every year which gets new students involved every time. This event is conducted by a career center staff person and last about 45 min. to one hour.

Answer Emory: During the fall semester, that is the crunch time to meet with employers. Focus on those seniors during the Fall then in the Spring focus on Undersclassmen and internships.

Answer GA Tech: Utilize your students! Get the students to work for the career center as interns.

Karen Whitehead-Walker - GA State: Our school has the freshman learning community. It began with one to two classes and career services conducts a component of the course. Part of it is getting them registered with Panther Career Net. Seniors have capstone (experience) course requirements that are career related where professors love to have employers from their field come in and talk about career opportunities in their field.