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Here are some examples of how you can market programs and community service projects on campus:

  • Develop a Marketing and/or Recruitment Committee
    • This can be a great way to get organized as a group with your marketing efforts.
  • Hang Banners in the Student Union and Post Customized Flyers
    • While flyers and posters can be an extremely effective marketing tool, every university has different requirements and regulations when it comes to posting them around campus. Don’t forget to check the requirements at your school.
  • Chalk Walkways Around Campus
    • This can be a really easy, inexpensive, and fun thing to do with your fellow DEI members to let other students know about your programs.
  • Place Ads with Different University Publications and Resources
    • Placing ads in school newspapers or with your school transit/bus system can also be really effective in reaching students as well.
    • Some schools may also have resources available, such as a TV in the student activities center that runs advertisements all day.
    • Every school is different though, so be sure to explore all the resources available to you and take advantage of them!
  • Set up Information Booths
    • If you are able to coordinate your time with other DEI students, then you can also arrange to have an information booth on campus.
      • Many student activities centers have tables you can reserve throughout the day in order to do this.
    • In addition to speaking with other students, you can have some of your flyers or information pieces available for students to take with them and look over.
  • Submit Your Program Information to the SGA and to the University Event Calendar / Career Center Calendar.
  • Be Seen. Participate in Other Campus Activities such as Homecoming, Sporting Events, Student Organization Drives, and Competitions.
  • Ask Professors to Make Announcements in their Classrooms.
  • Offer Incentives, such as Door Prizes and Attendance Competitions.