Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society (DEIAHS) has very strict policies and procedures for the handling and use of student information, so that we can make certain that participating colleges or universities are in full compliance with FERPA (the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).

Based on FERPA, it is interpreted that eligible or qualifying students’ directory information (FERPA §99.3), for the strict purposes of eligibility notification for honor society membership or honors recognition (FERPA §99.31), may be forwarded to DEIAHS for specified limited use.

DEIAHS acts as a service agent on behalf of the local chapter to issue notifications of membership eligibility to students who are identified by the local chapter.

DEIAHS is provided only student directory information, which includes name, address, e-mail and phone number. DEIAHS will not accept social security numbers or GPA’s of students. The information released by the university is for the sole purpose of honor society notification. Eligible students’ contact information and e-mail addresses received from a college or university are used solely for sending letters and notifications of invitation to join DEIAHS at the particular university or college.

Delta Epsilon Iota, under no circumstances, will allow member information to be shared, sold, or in any other way conveyed to outside organizations.

DEI deems confidential all information provided by each participating college or university, and as such, for limited and specific use. Therefore, DEI specifically agrees to adhere to the following terms and procedures upon receiving any student directory information:

1. DEI’s sole use of the list is to provide honor society notification to eligible students. No other product or service will ever be communicated to students from such list.
2. It is DEI’s practice to send no more than two letters to eligible students informing them of their opportunity for membership and how they can obtain more information about DEI.
3. It is DEI’s practice to send (when provided) no more than two e-mail announcements to eligible students informing them of their opportunity for membership and how they can obtain additional information about DEI.