Our members partner with their local career centers to hold hundreds of great programs nationwide every year. We are very proud of our members and want you to keep in mind that your programs are not only beneficial to the organization as a whole, but also to your schools, and most importantly to your fellow students.

Here are a few tips for organizing and promoting your programs:

  • Partner with Other Student Groups and Make Projects Open to the Entire Student Body
  • Invite Staff and Faculty
  • Time Programs Strategically
  • Promote Projects through Facebook Pages, E-vites, School Newspapers, and Print Materials, such as Banners, Posters, Flyers, and Mailbox Stuffers
  • Provide Snacks, Handouts, and Other Promotional Items
  • Collect Contact Information from Attendees to Use When Promoting Future Events

Once your local group of members has agreed on an event, you need to recruit volunteers, partner with other student groups, and publicize the event.

It is also important to communicate your success to other DEI members, as well as other student organizations on your campus. This brings attention to your programs and gets people excited for what you have planned next.

Be sure to tell the National Office of your success as well, so we can spread the word throughout the entire DEI community!