Learn from the Students!

Paula Borkowski - Barry: How many organizations are you involved in? As a group leader can you be involved with other groups or is there a time constraint?

Answer Emory: I spend most of my time with the leadership duties of the entrepreneurship club. I am a less active member in other groups but not as a leader.

Answer GA Tech: Being chairman of the career fair really did take up most of my time, but being a student then taking a leadership role so early on in my career has helped develop those leadership skills.

Carolyn Couch – Wake Forest: Beyond the extra interaction with employers at a career fair, what motivates students to get involved?

Answer GA State: For career educator interns it is the interest in expanding your own career development and professional development. The interns are not paid but get more personalized counseling and understand more fully the resources and assessments available to them.

Answer GA Tech: They invite students to help as career fair volunteers/liaisons and hold a reception for them and the employers as well as highlight their resumes online.

Christina Powell Newell-Rubbermaid: Do the seniors have jobs? How did you find your job? Was it from the career fair? Internship? Networking? And what was the time frame?

Answer GA Tech: I just accepted a job last week that I actually did meet at the career fair. The company planned a follow up meeting/info session and then within a few weeks had scheduled an interview. It was the immediate follow up that kept my interest up.

Answer Emory: I connected with my company through networking and referrals. They did not recruit on campus. I had an internship with them and then they offered me a job. Since getting involved they have started recruiting at Emory.

Answer UGA: I attend the annual physics conference and get to know people in my field on a personal basis.

Answer GA State: I plan on attending information sessions and find those to be the most powerful. These give the students the chance to learn more about the company.

Amy Rowell - GA Southern: Part of what they ask student organizations to do is help promote their career center events and employer workshops. How can we get organizations to want to be involved or even to read the marketing materials sent to them? Incentives?

Answer UGA: Honor Societies are a target audience because they have joined the organization for the sake of self improvement so they are warm targets for involvement with extra curricular programs. The best way to get student organizations involved is to get to know the leadership personally and invite them to events in person as opposed to in a mass mailing. The Career Center needs to establish a connection to the student organizations.

Answer Emory: As far as incentives are concerned free food works well. Also partner with other employers even if you are competing for the same students. More students will show up to meet three employers than just one.

Ralph Mobley - GA Tech: What do employers do well and what do they do badly at attracting your attention.

Answer GA State: One thing I don’t like is inexperienced recruiters. There should be someone who can answer all sorts of questions about the company. Also having a positive attitude and being involved with a lot of different events on campus gives a good impression.

Answer Emory: Another thing which is nice is to send alumni back to recruit. There is more of a connection and students can relate well to their experience. Its more obvious that this path has been taken by one of your peers (young alumni).

Answer GA Tech: Seeming unorganized is a turnoff. Not knowing what positions are available at your own company and not getting back in touch with students after meeting them or having an interview for weeks on end is discouraging.